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Recycling Q&A

Can I Recycle Decorative Tissue Paper?

Decorative tissue paper is recyclable by paper mills. Be sure to check your local guidelines before placing it in your recycling bin.

Can I Recycle a Greasy Pizza Box?

Grease and cheese in an amount typically found on pizza boxes are not an issue for the recycling process. 82% of Americans have access to a community recycling program that accepts pizza boxes.

Does Paper Actually Get Recycled? The Industry Answers

You put your recycling in the bin and drop it at the curb. Then what happens? Does it actually get recycled? Yes! At paper mills across the country, recycled paper is used to make the essential products millions of people rely on.

Are Address Window Envelopes Recyclable?

Are address window envelopes recyclable? Yes! You don’t even have to remove the plastic window. During the repulping process, it gets filtered out.

Is Cardboard Recyclable?

Cardboard is a highly recyclable material that’s widely accepted for recycling in recycling programs across the U.S. By choosing to recycle cardboard, we can all play a role in creating a more sustainable future. 

Are All Boxes Recyclable?

Most paperboard can be recycled. Yes, that means cereal boxes, bakery boxes, candy boxes, and much more. Keep your paperboard packaging clean and dry and place it in the recycling bin so it can be turned into new paper products. 

How Do You Recycle Shredded Paper?

Can you recycle shredded paper? Yes, but shredding it makes the paper less likely to be recycled if small bits of paper aren't properly contained. Only shred things with sensitive information to protect your privacy. 

Do You Know How to Recycle Milk Cartons?

What happens when you recycle a milk carton? Cartons are transported to paper mills and recycling plants where they become new products like boxes, toilet paper and even ceiling tiles.

What the Paper Industry is Doing to Improve Recycling

The paper recycling rate has met or exceeded 63% every year since 2009. Paper recycling is a model that works because of the industry’s investment and the millions of people who recycle every day. Read what we’re doing to continue to improve paper recycling.

Are Paper Cups Recyclable?

While you’re sipping your latte, you may wonder are paper cups recyclable? Yes, paper cups are recyclable! There are currently more than 30 mills across North America recycling paper cups. The fiber from those cups is then used to make tissue, paper and paper packaging.  

How do I Recycle Paper Padded Mailers?

One of the questions we commonly receive is how do I recycle a paper padded mailer. The answer depends on what type of mailer you received. We help explain what to do for the three most common mailers.

How to Recycle After Valentine’s Day

Love may be a battlefield but paper recycling doesn’t have to be. Never fear, we’re here to help you with the greatest love story of all time: the recycling bin and your paper products. They’re a match made at the MRF. Always be sure to check your local recycling guidelines before recycling.