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Goal: Reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

We're reducing GHG emissions by investing in energy efficiency and clean energy.  We’re doing this in part by using biomass energy. That comes from the leftovers in the manufacturing process.

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Paper Manufacturing

The forest products industry was one of the first manufacturing industries to set a sustainability goal to reduce GHG emissions. Since 2005, 十大菠菜软件 members reduced GHG emissions more than 24%.

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Sonoco’s Renewable Natural Gas Project

Sonoco and GreenGasUSA launched the Southeast’s first industrial waste to renewable natural gas project. Methane is converted to natural gas for the surrounding community to use as energy.

Goal: Advance a Circular Value Chain

The forest products industry has a circular supply chain. Trees supply fiber and are replanted to enhance the environment. Recycled paper and packaging are turned into new products.

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Understanding the
Circular Economy

The forest products industry is advancing the circular economy by sourcing fiber from sustainably managed forests, using biomass energy to power mills and investing in paper recycling infrastructure.

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WestRock’s Sustainable Ready Meals: Turnkey Solution

Sustainable Ready Meals is helping advance the circular value chain. The paper-based, fully recyclable innovation helps brands meet sustainability goals with a 90% reduction in plastic per food bowl.

Goal: Zero Injuries

"Goal Zero" is more than a target. It’s a mindset. Our 2030 goal focus is preventing serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs), building on the industry’s continual progress in improving worker safety.

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Safety Top of Mind for Resolute

Resolute prioritizes worker safety with clear safety pillars and a program that incentivizes workers to strive for zero injuries. Since 2010, they’ve donated more than $2.5 million to community groups.

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WestRock’s Failing Safe: Shredder Cover

A team at WestRock developed a hydraulic system to cover equipment that cuts down sheets of cardboard. The innovation improves ergonomics and significantly reduces the risk of serious injury

Goal: Advance Sustainable Water Management

十大菠菜软件 members are constantly striving to find new ways to reduce and reuse water. Our 2030 goal builds on our progress with a tool to advance sustainable water management through a watershed approach.

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Using Water Sustainably to Manufacture Essential Products

Green Bay Packaging’s Lisa Bauer-Lotto explained the benefits of a closed water system including improvements to the environment and community.

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Net-Zero Water Use at Green Bay Mill

This circular water system is driving next-generation water management. Returning more water than they draw, Green Bay Packaging is helping to advance water resilience for the Fox River community.

Goal: Resilient U.S. Forests

Sustainable forest management is critical for the future of our nation’s forests. Our 2030 goal advances resilient U.S. forests to increase biodiversity, carbon storage, water and recreation.

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How the Paper Industry Champions Sustainable Forestry

Working forests are carefully managed by landowners, foresters, engineers, scientists and harvest managers. These professionals help ensure the trees are healthy and maintain the forest ecosystem.

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Promoting Forest Bird Awareness and Conservation

International Paper (IP) and the American Bird Conservancy teamed up to integrate bird conservation into IP’s wood sourcing program and promote bird friendly forests for private landowners.

Advancing DE&I in the Paper and Wood Products Industry

Our strength stems from the diversity of our people. Along with our Better Practices, Better Planet 2030 sustainability goals, we released a statement of principles on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Member Spotlight: Domtar

Forests are home to more than trees. Domtar’s biodiversity efforts help keep plants and wildlife plentiful in the communities where they operate.

Photo credits: Domtar, International Paper, Resolute Forest Products and Sonoco.